Shanghai High School



There are a variety of top-class stadiums and sports facilities such as the natatorium, swimming pool, tennis hall, tennis court, stadium, ping pong rooms, ping pong hall, gymnasium, and badminton hall. What’s more, we have more than 10 outdoor basketball courts and 4 outdoor volleyball courts. Using traditional sports programs such as tennis and swimming as a base, we also opened baseball and cricket as developmental courses for senior students.  We also other sport contests in physical training classes and extracurricular activities such as SBG basketball association championship. Thanks to the good sport facilities and educational environment, we successfully hosted the World Middle School Table Tennis Championship Contest.

In addition, from then on, for every ear, SHS held and will hold Shangzhong Cup Shanghai Middle School Ping Pong Championship and Xuhui District Sunshine Sports League, which includes Shangzhong Cup badminton contest and Shangzhong Cup swimming contest, attracting quite a lot of students to join in. Our school’s sports teams took part in nearly all kinds of sport contests from district-wide, city-wide, nation-wide and even world-wide, leading to many excellent prizes won in recent these years.