Shanghai High School

Overview Of Physical Education


Shanghai High School International Division has formed a five-layered program for complete physical education (comprised of individual sports interests, physical fitness, psychological fitness, sports skills, and knowledge about health and hygiene).  So that healthy habits take shape early and are constantly developed throughout a child’s education, the P.E. department focuses on an idea called macro sports – the promotion of a combination of sports, physical education, intellectual education, and life skills.


Shanghai High School has in total 18 P.E. teachers in our P.E. teaching and research group; among whom there is one expert teacher; ten teachers are with intermediate or senior titles; seven have master degrees; and five are able to give a bi-lingual class. Their specialties cover many different sports, including tennis, water polo ball, baseball, cricket and swimming. Our P.E. department is a young team with vitality, energy, broad international vision, and a strong disciplinary skills.


In order to ensure the development of students’ physical fitness, the school has opened 45 different sports subjects and sections. What’s more, we invited more than 20 physical education professors and experts to open developmental courses, for referee training in Tae Kwon Do and bridge, to name a few. For example, in the dialogue with the world champion , we invited the famous world champion Zhu Jianhua here to communicate with our students face to face and talking freely about his personal life, ideals and national provide.


We also explore our own ways to combine sports and teaching. In 1997, the Ping Pong Club of ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology) joined hands with us and built up the SHS ping-pong team. Shanghai High School promoted the development of ping pong players and also tapped the talent of badminton players in cooperation with Xuhui District Sports Bureau and then formed a stellar course system for ping pong and badminton class.