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Shanghai High School International Students Program



In this program, “international student” status applies to students who:

1.have a foreign passport as well as at least one parent with a foreign passport

2.have studied in a foreign county or countries in the previous two years

3.have parents who are currently NOT in Shanghai

If a student meets the first two requirements and his or her parent are currently in Shanghai, he or she can apply to Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID). SHSID can be contacted via phone at 86-21-64765516 or email at

China’s President, Mr. Xi Jinping, pointed out in his speech in celebration of the

40th anniversary of the reform and opening up that it is necessary to form a

proactive opening up policy and enter a new comprehensive, multi-level, and wide-ranging stage of development. As an experimental and exemplary high school directly under the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai High School (SHS) reflects China’s national reform and opening-up strategy, “One Belt, One Road”, as well as the needs of Shanghai to build a world-class international metropolis. SHS is striving to create an educational environment that meets the demands of Shanghai as a global center of science & technology innovation and an “excellent global city”.

As such, we have listed the admissions instructions for the Pilot International High School Student Enrollment Program as follows:


  School Overview    

SHS was established in 1865, and the International Division (SHSID) was founded in 1993. The local students of SHS and the international students of SHSID study at the same campus. With an overall size of 340 mu (223,617 square meters) and more than 4,000 students, SHS is a world-famous, research-driven, and innovative school.

SHSID offers four different curricula: an American-based curriculum, the IB Diploma program, Advanced Placement courses, and A-level courses. All courses are taught in English. SHSID maintains a top quality, diverse teaching faculty by recruiting from China, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The current percentage of foreign teachers is around 40%. More than 60% of our teachers have completed post-graduate education.

SHSID offers first-class facilities for daily teaching and extracurricular activities, including the School Information System, modern innovative laboratories, the Media Center and libraries, and various athletic and art facilities. Our on-campus facilities ensure that students have access to an excellent environment to pursue personal development in all areas. Beyond our remarkable facilities, over 50 percent of the campus is forested, with approximately 10,000 trees forming the beautiful scenery on campus.

(Link 1: SHS website: ;

(Link 2: SHSID website: ;


     Admission Requirements    

1. Currently, the international student program is open to Grades 9 through 12, with a maximum of 10 students in each grade.

2. Application Requirements:

a. Applicants should show remarkable talent in a certain field, such as mathematics, science & technology, athletics, arts, etc. Relevant evidence is required.

b. At least one of the applicant’s parents should hold a foreign passport, and the applicant must have a foreign passport and have been studying abroad continuously in the past two years.

c. Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy, have upstanding moral character, and practice good behaviors.

(Note: for eligible international students whose parents or guardians are in Shanghai, please contact the Admissions Office of SHSID at 0086-21-64765516.)


  Application and Admission    

1. Download the application form. ( LINKS.pdf) Please submit the application before March.

2. Please send the following documents to school:

a. Completed application form

b. Transcripts from the last two years

c. High School Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form or Certificate

d. Photocopies of the applicant’s passport as well as his or her parents’ passports

e. Supporting documents or materials reflecting the applicant’s talents in mathematics, science & technology, arts (painting, singing, dancing, drama, instrumental music, etc.), athletics (basketball, football, swimming, tennis, etc.), etc.

f.  A full-face photo of the applicant

g. Personal statement

3. After the documents are received and approved, an email will be sent to confirm a time for an online interview with the applicant.

4. For admitted applicants, SHS will schedule another online interview with the parents for admission details such as the following:

a. Suitable programs for the student

b. Payment of school fees

c. Filling out relevant school forms to receive the Admission Letter

d. Preparation for the  Study Visa application procedure

5. Admitted students should present  apply for the student’sentry visa (>6 months) at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in their own countries.



Before April

Admission procedure is completed


School assists with contact of the relevant government department. Student’s information is submitted to the online system, application account is obtained.


After the Student’s visa application (>6 months) is processed, students come to China and register at Shanghai High School.

(Please pay careful attention to the deadlines)


  School  Life    

Admitted students will be enrolled in SHSID grades and classes in accordance with their academic abilities and educational backgrounds.

1. Academic Calendar:

The school year is divided into two semesters. The first semester starts on September 1st and concludes around the end of January. The second semester begins in February and ends in late June. Summer vacation spans from July to August, and winter vacation is three weeks around the Spring Festival. Other holidays include three days for Christmas. Public holidays are determined by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

2. School Hours:

8:15-15:50 (Monday-Thursday); 8:15-14:10 (Friday); Lunch Break: 12:10-13:10.

3. Curriculum Program

To contribute to the personal and lifelong development of  every student, SHSID offers several curricula: the American-based curriculum (Grades 9-12), the IB Diploma program (Grades 11-12), AP courses (Grades 10-12) and A-level courses (Grades 11-12), with approximately 800 compulsory and optional courses. Additionally, SHSID offers Educational Activity Courses in following categories: virtue and service, subjects and expansion, vision and interest, specialty and potential, and leadership and organization. SHSID also provides "learning by doing" opportunities in our Innovation and Practice Courses. Through projects and visible outcomes, students focus on their interests while receiving guidance and training in relevant research processes. The Innovation and Practice Courses include regular courses (PBL, Academy, etc.), extracurricular courses, clubs, subject days, interdisciplinary project courses, etc.

4. Extracurricular Activities

After 4 PM, students may participate in extracurricular activities, which are normally organized in the form of clubs. Since the international students we admit in this program will show remarkable talent in certain fields, SHS will offer these students specialized guidance and training in extracurricular activities.

5. Accommodation and Food Services

SHS can provide the student with accommodation if needed, which will be managed by the dorm staff. There are two on-campus cafeterias. Meals are provided at a fixed daily rate. Accommodation and meal fees will be charged according to relevant policy and actual consumption, respectively.

6.  Behavior Rules

a. Enrolled foreign students should obey the laws of the People’s Republic of China as well as the school rules.

b. Students in violation of Chinese law or school rules will receive punishment accordingly.

7. Grants and Scholarships

a. If approved, SHS is be able to provide grants to talented, well-behaved students. However, please note that violating school rules or transferring to another school will affect these grants.

b. Scholarships may be awarded to students who obtain high-level achievements as representatives of SHS or SHSID in international competitions.

8. Graduation and College Counseling

a. International students who complete all the required courses will be issued a diploma; otherwise, only a certificate of attendance will be available.

b. After graduation, students can apply for either Chinese universities or universities outside of China in accordance with their own goals; the school provides effective and individualized college counseling services to all students and their parents.


  School Fees and Payment Policy   

1. Tuition and school fees

a. Tuition fee (There are two semesters in one academic year.):

Grade 9-12: RMB ¥ 55,000 per semester.

b. Accommodation and Miscellaneous fee: according to the relent regulations in Shanghai

USD exchange rate is subject to the rate issued by the Bank of China on the day you pay.

2. Payment Policy

a. Admitted students should pay all fees prior to the school issuing their admission letters.

(1) Online payment: Visit the ICBC official website on PC or scan the QR code via the mobile phone ICBC APP. Enrolled students can search for their transaction details with their school number. Applicants can also utilize the online payment system to pay school fees. All Union-pay cards may be used for online payment with no transaction fee and no need to send the payment information to the school afterwards. We invite you to pay online and use the step-by-step operation instructions shown on the home page announcement & notice.


(2) The Shanghai High School International Division Accounting Office accepts RMB in cash as well as all kinds of RMB cards issued by Chinese banks but does not doesn’t accept USD in cash.

(3). Bank Payments: RMB cheques can be transferred through the bank. Both USD and RMB wire payments are also acceptable. We also accept RMB in cash at our appointed bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Hua Shan Road Sub-branch. (Those who choose to pay RMB in cash to the appointed bank: please forward the original bill of remittance together with the student’s name to the Accounting Office so an invoice can be issued.)

Transfer Accounts:

A/C Name: Shanghai High School International Division’

RMB deposit number: 1001271509014461575

USD deposit number: 1001271509148020770

Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai, Hua Shan Rd. Sub-branch.

Bank Address: 1065 Zhao Jia Bang Road, Shanghai


3. Important notice

a. If parents choose to pay via bank transfer, a copy of the bank receipt together with the student’s name should be forwarded to the Accounting Office for double confirmation. (Fax number: 0086-021-64535001)

b. If parents choose to pay RMB in cash to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, XuHui District, HuaShan Office, the bill of remittance together with the student’s name should be forwarded to the Accounting Office in exchange for the invoice.

c. All fees or a copy of the bank voucher must be received prior to the student reporting to school and receiving their textbooks.

4. If fees remain unpaid, the school cannot guarantee a student’s seat for the semester, and the student may be asked to withdraw.

5. All fees must be paid in one lump sum by the due date. The tuition fee is non-refundable.

If you need further assistance in payment, please contact the Accounting Office at 0086-21-64551491 or 0086-21- 64535001.


  Contact  Us    

Contact information

Contact Person: Ms. Dai, Ms. Shen

Telephone Number: 0086-21-64556756


School address and website

Address: No.989, Baise Road, Shanghai, China

Zip code: 200231

Website: (Shanghai High School)

      High School International Division)