Shanghai High School

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony


On June 6th, 2018, the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018 was held in the school auditorium. The auditorium was specially decorated to celebrate the coming new beginning for these 234 graduates. Once the Graduation Ceremony was over, they would be alumni of SHSID.



Attending this graduation ceremony were Principal Feng Zhigang, SHSID High School Principal Mr Ma Feng, SHSID Junior and Primary School Principal Mr Liu Lian, and all the other directors and teachers. At around 9 o'clock the students' parents entered the auditorium, guided by volunteers. Soon the whole auditorium was full. Photos of the Class of 2018 were projected on the screen for everyone to enjoy. After the hosts' official announcement of the opening of the ceremony, all the graduates, wearing their graduation gowns, entered the auditorium to the tune of 'Those Years', performed by the school Wind Ensemble.



When the march was over, everyone saluted the Wind Ensemble graduates for their last ever performance in SHSID. Next, Principal Feng delivered a speech to review all the achievements made by students from the Class of 2018. He also told everyone that they should follow their hearts. If they do what they believe is right then they will become great people who contribute to the world.


There was a new element in this year's ceremony– an AI translator from iFlytek was brought in to interpret the speeches. Chloe Tan's mother and the student representatives Annie Fang & Koki Ajiri delivered speeches to send their best wishes to all the students. A wide range of awards were announced after that, including Awards for Excellence in Sports, Awards for Good Behavior and Awards for Rapid Progress. Students who received Individual Awards, Social Activities Awards, Academic Achievement Awards and Principal Lists came onto the stage to be awarded by the Head Teachers and Director. Then the host announced the 9 students who were named the honor students of this year. Their achievements were displayed on the screen. They, as well as their parents, came onto the stage and were awarded by Principal Ma.



Finally, the extraordinary achievements of the 7 senior Stallions basketball players were acknowledged. They helped the Stallions Basketball team win one championship and one silver trophy in this year's Jr. NBA. They had all grown up alongside the name of the Stallions. A big surprise followed. Among the graduates of 2018, there was one very special one. Kailee Wingo from 12(6) became the first student to have completed 12 years study in SHSID. When his photo from Grade 1 appeared on the screen, a big applause rose from the audience. Kailee came to the stage to accept an album from Mr Feng to mark these 12 years and celebrate his graduation.



Afterwards, every student was awarded their diploma by the Principals and Director Liu Qin. The students were very excited, but they also understood the meaning of the diplomas they had received– they had all grown up. At the end of the graduation ceremony, Chloe Tan presented the school with a graduation gift on behalf of the students.



The song 'I'll Remember You' began to play. All the graduates stood up and sang, recalling their best memories of SHSID. Through their voices they showed their gratitude to their teachers, parents, and their friends. To the cry of "Happy graduation! Good luck!", they threw their graduation hats high into the air.


Goodbye, graduates! We wish you all the best!