Shanghai High School

History and Geography Department: Ms. Li Yunuo's Reminders on Government Policy during the Staff Meeting of the Foreign Teachers


On the afternoon of October 30, Ms. Li Yunuo, the head of the History and Geography Department gave an “Important Reminders” to all the SHSID foreign teachers in the Xianmian Auditorium. The reminders aimed to further clarify the policy and underlying governing philosophy of the Chinese Government to the foreign teachers. It would help the foreign teachers to pay more attention to their class expression and behavior, which shall be in line with the government policy and law, and set right examples to all the students.

Foreign teachers play an integral part in the family of SHSID. They always bring wonderful lessons and inspiring views to their students. Meanwhile, it’s also necessary for them to learn, understand and adapt to the state policy and culture of China.  

(Written by: Shen Zhou    Pictures by: Shen Zhou)