Shanghai High School

Floral Design Exhibition: Blooming 2020


Dates: Sept. 1st, 2020 - Oct. 3rd, 2020

Address: SHSID Art Gallery (2nd Floor, Art Center of SHSID, No. 989 Baise Road)

The exhibition aims to present the natural beauty of floral design to the public through students' classwork. The Floral Design course, as an optional course of SHSID, aims to cultivate students' basic modeling ability, gets them to understand the traditional Western and Japanese styles of flower-arranging, and expands their artistic and cultural visions while improving their aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishment as a whole.

In the form of pictures, the exhibition displays nearly 30 pieces of classwork from Grades 5-10 students. Through this exhibition, we hope to show the students' understanding, mastery, and expression of floral design, and also hope to convey the beauty of nature on the campus.

(Written by Gloria Chen  Pictures by Li Mufeng)