Shanghai High School

High School History and Geography Department: Blended Teaching and Learning Discussion


On the afternoon of May 21, high school history and geography teachers met online to have their department meeting. This meeting aimed to define the blended teaching and learning approach and share the experiences of the teachers. Firstly, all the teachers reached a consensus that blended teaching and learning does not only stand for combining two different forms of online and offline teaching and learning, it also means blending several different means of teaching and learning. Teachers know how well the students understand the knowledge through face-to-face interactions during students-centered classroom activities. As for the online classes, they instructed the students to consolidate their knowledge and cultivate their self-learning ability by organizing discussions and providing supplementary materials. In order to motivate the students to be more involved in online classes, some teachers shared their ideas, such as assigning reading or video-based tasks before class and asking the students to provide their feedback during the online classes, which both extends students’ knowledge of the textbook and improves teaching efficiency.  

(Written by: Shen Zhou    Pictures by: Shen Zhou)