Shanghai High School

2019 SHS & SHSID Bilingual Debate Final Round


On the afternoon of December 11,2019,Shanghai High School local and international division bilingual debate final round was held in the conference hall of the Zhentao Building. Since 2017, the bilingual debate competition participated by the students from both local and international division has entered its third year. Teachers, students and parents from local and international division gathered to enjoy the feast of languages, culture, teamwork, and critical thinking.

After two months competition, two teams made it to the final round. Under the topic of whether a versatile or a specialized person is more competitive in society, two teams both consisting of two students from SHS and two students from SHSID, gave a fabulous performance with novel ideas and eloquent speech.

In the final round, the debate has a panel of 9 judges. Six distinguished guests from media, universities, and enterprises were invited to join teacher judges from local and international division of Shanghai High School. Their brilliant comments pushed the bilingual debate to another climax.

The Con side won the championship, and Lin from local division was voted as the best debater in the final round. The 3rd bilingual debate has successfully come to an end. See you next year!

Written by SHS & SHSID Bilingual Debate Competition Commission

Pictures by SHS Media Center