Shanghai High School

SHSID 25th Anniversary Celebration


The celebration began with the wind ensemble and immediately following, the SHSID 25TH Anniversary Video  allowed us to review the development of the school over the past 25 years; this enlightening video helps us to appreciate the rich and colorful school life of our students. Principal Feng made a speech first. He mentioned Mr. Tang Shengchang, who was Principal of Shanghai High School then, applied his unique perspective of an educator and prospective judgement of Shanghai’s development to initiate the proposal of “Shanghai High School International Division”. He said “The orientation of running a school must be given priority, that is respecting the International standards, sticking to the Chinese characteristics, and claiming the sovereignty of education. In this case, we can contribute to the secondary International education as well as set up a role model of building up a self-managed international school by Chinese people. With that, SHSID could also dedicate itself to Shanghai’s establishment of global scientific and innovative center with SHS wisdom and SHS power. Let’s make our joint effort together to make SHSID a world leading research and innovative school!”



After enjoying a folk dance performance, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission International Exchange Department, Ms. Lu Lili showed her high expectations for the school’s development and expressed their continuous support to SHSID: ‘It constitutes a Chinese form integrated international education that references the strengths of both local and global practices, which has been recognized worldwide and provides a pathway for intercultural exchange. We believe that SHSID will continuously assist in building up an educational environment that matches Shanghai’s goal of creating an internationally influential modern metropolis, and further the construction of the international education that matches Shanghai’s aims as a Global Science and Technology Innovation Center, and plays a leading role in implementing self-managed International education on the path of China’s exploration of seeking for a strong education. “





Students from primary, middle, and high school, with their exhilarated performances, pushed the ceremony to great levels of excitement again.




Today school was a sea of joy, alumni from different countries gathered together and reminisced about their past studying at SHSID.