Shanghai High School

Experimental Groups in Innovation

undefinedSHS Finance Experimental Group:SHS, together with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), cooperated to develop a finance experimental course in 2009. Vice dean of School of Finance from SUFE was specially invited to join in this course. The course is designed to introduce a general idea of finance to students. Courses include Micro- and Macro-Economics. Students learn targets and methods of finance experiment so that their interest could be aroused. Almost 50% of the graduates from the first experimental group dedicated themselves to further studies in Economics and Finance.

undefinedSHS Automobile Experimental Group:SHS, cooperated with Tongji University, developed this group in 2010. Tongji University supports SHS with its precious techniques and experiences to guide those interested students in automotive designing, making eco-power vehicles. It helps students improve their manipulative skills, imaginative abilities and team-work spirit. SHS also set up a Longmen Race Team and made an eco-power vehicle annually to attend the Honda Eco-power Competition (only targeting at the college students). Students of the first group joined in the 4thHonda Eco-power Competition (China) and the car drove 281 miles by consuming only one liter fuel. This achievement was largely encouraged by the organizing committee.

undefinedSHS Human Body Medicine Experimental Group:SHS, together with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) School of Medicine, developed human body’s health and medicine course, mainly introducing human anatomy, signs of life, preventive medicine and public health, nutriology and the like. This group would provide a deeper understanding of human body medicine and thus inspire students’ interest and passion in the science of medicine.

undefinedSHS Law Experimental Group:SHS, together with East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), has been working on law courses since 2011. ECUPL, with their best teaching group, introduced courses — Entering the World of Laws — to SHS. The teaching group includes Professors, Doctoral Supervisors, the contemporary jurist, the national outstanding jurist, etc. They lead those students who showed their interest and talent in this field to enter the world of laws.

undefinedSHS Mini-Filming Experiment Group:SHS has formed partnership with Shanghai Theatre Institution in 2012. The courses of the experiment group involves the most popular digital art design form --- mini film. The experiment group analyzes a film from making, filming, producing, and completion. The experiment group enables students to understand the charm of filming as one form of integrated art.

undefinedSHS Hosting and Speech Experiment Group:SHS has formed partnership with Shanghai Theatre Institution in 2012. Hosting and speech course aims to break the three main barrier: old idea, unfamiliarity, public. The students are able to have their talents freely flow in the experiment group. The weekly lecture trains students through oral communication and talents training. The talents composes of listening skill, thinking ability, memory, and imaginative capability. The ability composes of language sense, language flow, language body, and language point. The experiment group will allow students integrated rehearsal in the last two weeks of the semester.

undefinedSHS Software Engineering Experiment Group:SHS has formed partnership with Shanghai Tong Ji University to set up the software engineering course in 2013. The course covers computer science and software engineering foundation, built-in system, computer internet, human-computer interaction, design, computer graphics, digital engineering, cloud computation, internet of things, etc. The contents of experiment group class are easy to comprehend. The lectures enable students to command a macro perspective of computer science and software engineering.

Up till now, SHS has set up concrete co-operations with 15 colleges, institutions and specialized agencies. Those experts teach SHS students and provide them with experimental guidance. They will help to improve students’ abilities in aspiration and interest. SHS will also attempt to further explore more fields, such as the Aesthetics and Sociology.