Shanghai High School

A Summary of Projects

Since April, 2008, SHS, with the approval from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, initiated Nurturing Innovative Competence Education Program. In 2009, this program was regarded as the key project with the supporting program of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” of the national education commission. An experimental research on promoting the early cultivation on talents among those modeling senior high schools was under way.


SHS pays great attention to both detailed and overall education in carrying out Nurturing Innovative Competence Education Program.Talking about the details, emphasis was given to various fields, including setting up the science and technology experimental class, engineering class,the intensive mathematics class, automobile, finance, human body, laws, micro film, broadcasting and speech skills experimental groups. Referring to the overall education, the school propels the implementation of diversified course framework so as to impel students’ aspirations & interest and to innovate the exploration on students’ potential.