Shanghai High School

Teaching Based On The Digital Platform

Shanghai High School gave great impetus to create a digital learning environment and devote vigorous efforts to education modernization, which can be manifested in the following aspects.


A. To promote the modernization of school curriculums. (i) The modernization of learning contents. Thanks to various digital technologies including visualization, 3D modeling, multi-media and systematization the contents that could never be taught in high school (e.g. Nanotechnology) and experiments that cannot be conducted on their own in high school (e.g. DNA identification) can now be realized. (ii) High selectivity of curricula. The concept of digitalization has greatly elaborated the utilization and the integration of learning areas, subjects, sections of school curricula and information technology,which provides students’ various options with brand-new possibilities and wide range of spaces. (iii) The combination of digital technology and curricula has explored a new path of creation, construction and integration.Penetration:Frontiers of the discipline come into the knowledge hierarchy and new subjects and sections will form.Development (of engineering curricula):Engineering did not used to be a traditional discipline for high school students, but its importance has long been highly appreciated in SHS.Construction:We escalated students’ practical and innovative ability by means of setting up digital labs and we have already had more than 20 modern digital labs matched with modern curricula, subjects and sections.Integration:The ingenious consolidation of high-tech and arts shows more charm, and digital video and digital photography have become an attempt for students to grasp the trends and seek development actively.


B. To promote the modernization of learning styles. It mainly includes: (i) Inquiry learning based on digital platform. We supply students with any modern facilities and equipments and encourage them to inquiry with the help of digital technologies. For example, a student used an infrared detector to determine the environmental coefficient of a river. (ii) We take the construction of the inquiry learning platform supported by digital technology as a key point and vigorously propel students to carry out their research projects. In 2001 school year, we developed theInquiry Learning Platformwhich can make all the research projects be well managed online and is also the very first high school to do this nationwide. In 2008, the specialized inquiry learning network platform was upgraded. Then we can implement a real-time and multi-level management for students’ study and all their inquiry projects can go through the procedures of declaration, intermediate inspection, concluding report submission, project innovativeness inspection and filtration online which brings a cumulative total of finished projects to more than 10 thousands.


Big Project, Little Paperand other kinds of research projects of students can all be administrated and supervised in real-time with the help of ourInquiry Learning Network Platform. On the platform, students meet their tutors and submit the opening report, interim report and final report. Meanwhile, tutors offer instructions and evaluations about students’ work for every stage online. (iii) Active and interactive learning on the digital platform. There’re many kinds of individualized communication styles, such as web forum BBS, Longmen Story website, class websites and so on. Homework both in Chinese and English during summer and winter vacations can be assigned and turned in online and both students’ academic and psychological problems can be diagnosed by teachers, which builds an online bridge for communication and interchange. There’re corresponding network platforms for school activity arrangement such as the sports meeting, science festival, arts festival and that for CPS (creation, practice, service) activity design and students’ daily life, which leads to a paperless self-management. The thematic class meetings have already been spatially expanded and interactively launched by several classes by means of MP net. Developmental curricula for students can be registered, supervised, appraised online and supported by digital information system.



A number of SHSers’ innovative projects about science and technology based on digital platform have already won high-ranking prizes in science and technology innovation contests at all levels and in all fields citywide, nationwide and worldwide. The cumulative total of gained prizes about science and technology is up to more than 800 among which most of high-ranking prizes are innovative achievements based on digital platform inquiry such as the Group Award of ISEF, award of CASTIC, the Top Honor AwardFuture Cupof China Adolescents Creative Design Contest for a second consecutive year. Students also made great progress in contests about programming design, webpage making and other kinds of computer technology. For that, the White House, U.S.A delegations praised our students for their expertise when browsing the homepages made by them. Our school was honored as the Best Unit in National Audio-Visual Education.