Shanghai High School

Digital Management Innovation

The top-class teaching quality cannot be without a top-class management mechanism, and Shanghai High School pays great attention to promote school’s management innovation through innovation of digital technology, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

A. Multi-domain management. Shanghai High School has established a digital campus information system that includes enrollment systems and appraisal systems; the system forms a 3-dimensional web-style structure based on information and feedback from all departments of the school; it concentrates on different roles in school management and creates a dynamic information structure for school’s development.

B. All-round management. We utilized digital technology to record process information of different roles throughout the whole school activities, such as management through all-in-one campus smart card; we traced the overall process of students’ development and analyzed the data and information. For example, we have a registration, attendance recording, appraisal and analysis system for students’ developmental curriculum.

C. Real-time management. For instance, we use real-time GPS systems to manage our school buses.