Shanghai High School

A Brief Introduction of Course Framework

undefinedWith the widespread concept of quality education, Shanghai High School (SHS) pays great attention to the reality of moral education and development of each course, and students’ acceptable level and their sustainable development. It designs compulsory and optional courses, and makes a systematic plan for different modes. In the meanwhile, it also focuses on the inter-connection and influence on various fields. In this way, a clear course framework gradually comes into existence. The course framework is carried out step by step and grade by grade. There are three major parts of the SHS course framework: moral course framework, subject framework and anticipation framework of competitive potential development course. All of the above three frameworks are divided into basic types and developmental types respectively. The three frameworks have their own features, but they are all closely connected. Moral course framework emphasizes “strengthening morality education”, subject framework stresses “aspiration & interest and personalized knowledge formation”, and anticipation framework of competitive potential development course focuses more on “recognizing and further exploring the competitive potential on the basis of aspiration & interest”. The third framework is a further development on the previous two frameworks.


The school course framework consists of the basic type and the developmental type. In terms of the developmental type, SHS has independently developed 877 items and modes, each of which specifies eight key points for the successful implementation, including the name and description of course items and modes, materials, target students, teaching targets, time arrangement, detailed content, evaluation methods and reference materials. The content of the basic type is mainly based on the national course, and supplements several school materials in accordance with students’ sustainable development, but it is not set as the independent item or mode. There are 802 probationary textbooks compiled by the school matching the course framework. Among them, there are 381 self-compiled textbooks (such asAn Inspection on the Effects of the Water Quality), 41 books were published (such asLeadership Organization Course, andA Guidance Book for Mathematics Olympiads). A large number of excellent courses and textbooks have been widely used among other senior high schools (such as “A Series of Compulsory Courses for Talents”, “A Series of Nurturing Students with Strong Potentials”, “A Series of Bilingual Materials”).


The school took full consideration of students’ acceptable competence while implementing courses. 100% of the students take courses on the basis of school course framework. In the past three years, 90% items and modes of the course framework have been carried out. In each semester, there are 200-250 optional courses for students.