Shanghai High School

Students' Awards


Shanghai High School has always been a place gathering talented and hardworking students, who have made great development and achievement in their own fields. Some of them are the biggest winners of various contests; some of them are the young but gifted inventors; some of them are the most earnest mathematic learners, and some of them are all-rounders who are outstanding in both leadership and study.


Here, we have the “math genius” – Nie Zipei, who is always immersed in math books wherever he is, from the campus garden bathed in the sunlight to the school bus heading to an activity destination. Here, we have the “Boss He” --- He qiurui, who attended the 25th Conference of the National Union of Students held in the Great Hall of the people. Here, we have the “innovation celebrity” --- Wang Chaohao, who has made several innovations in the water quality investigation and control, and who has even won the honor of naming a planet. Here, we have the “Ping-pong master” --- Deng Yue, who has participated in the International Schools Table Tennis Championships and has won the team championships three times in a row and a doubles championship.


They have made incomparable accomplishments and they are sure to go further in the future.