Shanghai High School


SHS Science and Technology Festival

SHS Science and Technology Festival, which is one of the three major events of Shanghai High School, is held by the Student Union Study Department every year at the end of March or at the beginning of April. The Science and Technology Festival is meant to inspire the students’ enthusiasm toward science, to encourage the students to develop an innovative consciousness by designing creative projects, and to help expand their knowledge in science and technology. The Science and Technology Festival lasts for about three weeks. The first week is for announcing the processes and regulations, pro-contest training, and distributing materials. In the second week, preliminaries and some finals are conducted during the lunch time and after school. In the afternoon of the Tuesday in the third week, all the remaining finals are held simultaneously on the campus. The traditional events in the Science and Technology Festivals are “Bridge Bearing”, “Evolution Science Originality Contest” and “Brainstorm OM”. More and more new events are improved and perfected every years, which makes the Science and Technology Festival a stage for students to show their talents and creativity in science.


SHS Art Festival

SHS Art Festival is one of three major events of Shanghai High School. Generally, the release conference is held at the beginning of November; the preliminaries are conducted in December and the closing ceremony is held at the end of December. The Art Festival, which lasts the longest and has the most participating population, has been held for 27 years. The topic of every Art Festival is selected by the student representatives at the Student Union Conference. The events of every Art Festival are adjusted and reformed according the implementation situation of the last Art Festival. The 4 major events of the 2010 Art Festival were “Singing”, “Dancing”, “Drama” and “Characteristic performances”; the 4 minor events were “Artistic Calligraphy”, “Logo Design”, “Electronic Music” and “Photography”, and the additional event was “Art Appreciation”. The Art Festival, which is a response to Mr. Tang’s motto --- Focusing on interests and aspirations, presents the students’ art accomplishments and knowledge on humanities.


SHS Sports Meet

SHS Local Division Autumn Sports Meet , which is one of the three major events of Shanghai High School, is hosted by the Student Union Sports Department; co-hosted by the PE teaching group. The participators are from all of the three grades. Generally, the Sports Meet is held in the afternoon of a Friday in October. After the third period in the morning, chairs are moved to the big playground to be the bleachers. The opening ceremony starts at noon, after which is the Broadcast Gymnastic Competition. The Sports Meet has 18 events including the 100m-dash, high jump, etc. No more than 3 students from one class can sign up for one same event, and one student can sign up for at most 2 events (besides the relay). Shanghai High School has kept the Sports Meet records from the year 1964 up to now, which brings the school’ profound history to its students.